Tuesday, August 28, 2012

D&D Next: Pactbound Eladrin Part 2

Once upon a time, the Mother of Demons tricked Ascodel, consort to the Queen of Stars, into a terrible pact that imprisoned an entire generation of eladrin children in Androlynne, the 471st layer of the Abyss.

Pale Night brought the young ones there for sport, keeping them eternally young, so she could hunt them slowly, ever so slowly into oblivion.

However, Pale Night, was surprised to find two amongst her quarry whose ruthlessness and cruelty even she found impressive.

She wasted no time in cultivating both as resources, using them to hunt and destroy their own kind and eventually allowing them to freely travel outside of their prison as devoted agents to their dear "Mother".

Lero and Loern are brothers who found their true home on the day they were damned by the idiocy of Ascodel. None will ever know that their prison kept them free from the punishment of slaughtering their entire family. That their black souls were galvanized by the cursed pact that has reduced their kin to less than 100. And that they quickly adapted to her instructions, gleefully creating hightly elaborate ways to kill anything they turned their dark attentions toward.

Pale Night, herself, has shaped both hellions into agents of supreme skill and malice. She's grown so fond of each child, that she has cloned them into a small army and has deployed them throughout the planes.

Both brothers have been instrumental in founding and shaping a demoniac cult to their "Mother", known as the Brotherhood of Bones and Teeth, and it's the primary tool for their dreadful schemes. All across the planes, the Brotherhood sets untold catastrophes into motion, sews malicious descent, and commits countless atrocities, all led by an incarnation of one or both of the siblings.

Pale Night never guessed her ultimate triumph against Morwel would lie in two twisted eladrin children who had already begun down a dark path towards their waiting "Mother".

Don't lightly dismiss the warnings of "the brothers' Bones and Teeth" as mere ghost stories, because when you begin to see old friends and perfect strangers wearing the same face, it will already be far, far too late.

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