Monday, June 21, 2021

Star Wars: Rodian Origin for Stars Without Number


Rodians were a species of reptilian humanoids. They possessed large pupilless eyes that could see in infrared spectrum, slender snouts, pointed ears, twin saucer-like antennae that detected vibrations atop their heads, and a ridge of spines cresting their skulls. Their snouts were said to resemble those of tapirs. Green (sometimes yellow or turquoise) scales covered their bodies, and their skin had a rough, pebbly texture, except on the snout and hands. Their blood was of green color. Females were physically distinguished by their mammary glands, and some of them, like Greeata Jendowanian, were capable of growing long tresses. The Rodian hand featured five long, dexterous fingers with suction cups at the ends. The pads helped them cope with the variety of conditions associated with living in a swamp and could be used to help them climb aquatic vegetation. The shape of the Rodian hand, however, was as such that if an object was designed for their species, it would be uncomfortable for a human to use. Their toes were a lot like their fingers: long and tipped by suction cups. Although they were oxygen breathers, Rodians could breathe an air saturated with Clouzon-36 without the assistance of a respirator.

They gain Infravision out to 25m, and gain Exert and Notice as bonus skills.

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Jonathan Linneman said...

I do love Rodians! First WEG Star Wars game I ever played in used the arms dealer template to make my guy Tosh Roodi. Heck, I don't even collect SW action figures, and I remember at my bachelor party at a SF con 10 years ago, I decided I just randomly needed to buy a Greedo. There's just something about 'em...!

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