Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Legion of the Super-Heroes: Khunds for Stars Without Number

Khund Citizen for Stars Without Number
HD: 2
AC: 12 (combat)
Atk: +3 

Dmg: By weapon + 1
Move: 10m
Morale: 10
Skill: +2

Save: 13+

Khund Soldier
HD: 3
AC: 16 (combat)
Atk: +4 

Dmg: By weapon + 2
Move: 10m
Morale: 11
Skill: +2

Save: 12+

Khund Hunter Killer
HD: 4
AC: 17 (combat)
Atk: +5 

Dmg: By weapon + 3
Move: 15m
Morale: 11
Skill: +2

Save: 10+

The Khunds control a vast galactic empire and in the 30th century, their relationship with the United Planets fluctuates between uneasy détente and open warfare. When the U.P. first discovered the Khundian civilization, the Khunds responded by attempting to conquer Earth.

Khundia itself is perpetually eclipsed by its own moon, making it a dark and dreary world. Choking on its own overly dense population, the world has become totally overrun by a mentality of total militarism and violence. Even a person jostled in the streets will settle the ensuing argument in the so-called court of combat, a form of trial by combat, which is often fatal.

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