Sunday, July 5, 2020

Dungeons & Shivan Dragons: Phyrexium

This is an expansion of a much earlier article presenting the metal known as phyrexium that I had created for 7th level DnD Next playtest game. Now that Ravnica and Theros are settings for DnD I decided to further explore Magic: the Gathering's lore.

Phyrexian Angel wielding a phyrexium weapon.
Art by sunnykoda
   The metal phyrexium was created by Thran artificers after settling the plane of PhyrexiaIt is a metal matrix composite of titanium, sliver hide, glistening oil, fanatical hatred of Dominaria, and the shard of a powerstone. Scholars heatedly debate if the process to create the foul composite can be replicated outside of the plane of Phyrexia since slivers are believed to be extinct.

   Phyrexium armaments are +1 magic weapons that deal necrotic damage due to the powerstone radiation within them.  However, they are +2 magic weapons while on Dominaria because of the fanatical hatred of the plane used to forge them.  When a phyrexium weapon scores a Critical Hit on a creature they lose 1d4 Hit Dice. If they have no Hit Dice remaining they gain Disadvantage on Death Saving Throws until they recover at least 1 Hit Die.

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