Friday, July 3, 2020

Night Shift: Sasquatch

Jason Vey and Timothy S. Brannan's Nightshift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars was fulfilled weeks ago and I've been remiss in not posting about it. I've been alternating between reading through it and Max Brooks' excellent Sasquatch horror novel, Devolution.

The novel made me remember being a kid in the '80s when Bigfoot wasn't some gentle herbivorous primate hiding from humankind. It made me think of Legend of Boggy Creak, Snowbeast, and In Search Of when we didn't have the internet. Instead, the novel draws on some of the more terrifying encounters I read way back when. The humans of Greenloop encounter a terrifying troupe of Sasquatch's and I decided to write them up for Night Shift and the O.G.R.E.S. System.

There are legends of primates living in the wilderness all over the world, apart from humankind, but watching, always watching. As humanity spread all over the globe and created new and terrifying weapons to kill one another, these creatures, once our predator began to hide from us, choosing to hunt easier prey. But as humankind has altered their woodland homes some of these creatures have been forced to hunt us for prey...and a lone human is rarely the match for a troupe of Sasquatch.

Common Sasquatch Abilities:

• Strong and Fast. Sasquatch gain +2 to initiative rolls, and add half again their hit dice to attack rolls. They also deal 2 dice of damage on attacks, keeping the better.

Sasquatch For Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars
No. Appearing: 2-12
AC: 7
Move: 50 ft.
Hit Dice: 3
Special: They can hurl a rock dealing 2d6 damage and keeping the best of the two.*


* This write-up assumes Cinematic play. In Gritty games treat the damage like a firearm and in Realistic games treat damage as 4d6 totaled.

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Brian I said...

Oh nice! i'm looking forward to getting my printed books too!

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