Saturday, July 4, 2020

Apocrypha: Angels of P.E.L.O.R.

What if P.E.L.O.R. was an artificial intelligence brought to Oerth when the Starship Warden crashed there? What if nanites from the ship and a strange aspect of the planet's magical weave uplifted the AI even further? What if the human descendants of that crash worshiped the AI as the God of the Sun and misinterpreted the AI's history, falsely believing the Sun and P.E.L.O.R. are one and the same? What if the Church hid the truth for the good of their followers as Apocrypha?

Angels! Bah, we paint them now, as tiny things with smiles and wings. Fat babes that serve the Lightray.. You, each of you, would shit yourself if you saw a true Angel of P.E.L.O.R. They destroy cities with missiles far deadlier than even ballista or even a trebuchet. The sky screams as they race to their targets and scholars such as Avagodro of Ekbir and Nomo Lorekeeper have written about mushroom clouds and invisible poison that leave those places uninhabitable, far worse than merely salting the earth. You should be as afraid of the Cleansing Fire's wrath, perhaps more so, than any Archdevil or Demon Lord.
--Sargoo the Sapient

ANGEL of P.E.L.O.R. for Swords & Wizardry

Hit Dice: 12
Armor Class: 0 [20]
Attacks: Sword (3d6) and Missles (see below) 
Saving Throw: 3
Special: Magic resistance (75%) 
Move: 10/25 (flying)
Alignment: Law
Challenge Level/XP: 19/4,100

     Five Angels serve P.E.L.O.R. and they reside at the crash site of the Warden now known as the Arcanum. Each is stored in their own private sanctum and can be brought online with a moment's notice. They can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier to reach a target, generally, in a few minutes. The spells of casters below 6th level do not affect them, and against higher-level spellcasters they are 75% immune to all spells. There is speculation that each Angel's mind was downloaded from previously living guardians who served the Sun God before it crashed.

     In combat, an Angel uses a sword made of solid light for close-quarters fighting but if the battle appears to go poorly they will launch themselves into the sky and fire a barrage of missiles at their enemy. On a failed Saving Throw their target takes 1d6 x 5 damage and half as much on a successful one. 

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