Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Review: Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide

The Savage Company Recruit Orientation Guide is a Free PDF that introduces you to the Savage Company Setting from SHM Publishing that is now on Kickstarter.

The SCROG PDF is designed for the Pathfinder 1st Edition rules, however the Savage Company Setting is designed for Pathfinder 1E and Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

The SCROG is 65 pages, full color with good art and an excellent layout that allows you to play in a military Sci-Fi setting with the PF1 rules.

The guide opens by introducing us to the Savage Company itself, that began it's existence as a mercenary company for orcs and half-orcs. As the business flourished the Company set up base on Tombstone and anyone who wanted honest work killing people was welcome.

We are introduced to Tombstone, the hub of the Company and its environs.

Next we are introduced to 8 new races for Pathfinder 1st Edition: Baade, Kemano, Lobstross, Savage Bugbear, Savage Hobgoblin, Savage Kobold, Savage Orc, and Skeletal.  Baade are intimidating red-skinned creatures, Kemano have concealable animal traits, and Lobstross are large aquatic creatures. The races are built in the format of the Advanced Race Guide for PF1.

Following that is a chapter detailing 19 Archetypes ranging from Infantryman to Hexslinger to Zen Gunman.

Three new Feats are presented next.

The PDF is rounded out by nine pages of weapons, vehicles, and equipment. The list presented easily covers things you'd need to test out the Savage Company setting.

I think the SCROG does a great job of interesting you to the setting and the tone of the types of adventures you would experience in a Military Sc-Fi setting. I enjoyed reading the PDF and encourage everyone to download to check it out, I mean it's free.

I'd recommend this to fans of PF1 and DnD5 who want to shake up either game with a Sci-Fi bend.

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