Thursday, October 31, 2019

Back in the OSR: Maggie for Silent Legions


AC: 9
HD: 2
Atks: Bite + Weapon +4 

Dmg: 1d6 + Weapon
Skill: +1
Special: Hulking 

Move: 30'
Morale: 8
Madness: 1d4
Save: 14+

The creature known as Maggie haunts the halls of St. Eligius Hospital. Some say she is the ghost of Maggie Saunders, a teacher who came into the ER with food poisoning, who then died due to medical negligence. Others say that she is mentally ill patient who escaped from the 9th floor several years ago. The Hospital's board knows the truth, Maggie was summoned in their Morgue by Dr. Illyana Kiev, using a copy of the Necronmicon she downloaded off of 8chan. Dr. Kiev's sanity had shattered when her twin sister, Magda or "Maggie" for short, committed suicide. Illyana and Magda shared a psychic link so she felt Maggie die and could here her whispering to her, pleading for her sister to rescue her from "this cold, dark, evil place". 

Video cameras showed Illyana mutilated several corpses and create a summoning circle with her own blood. They captured the 3 hour ritual and showed "Maggie" literally break through the Morgue's floor in a tide of ectoplasm and blood.

The video clearly shows the being thought to be Maggie beat Dr. Kiev's head in on one of the Morgue's sinks and then use the bone saw to cut her up and stack her like cord wood.

Then Maggie simply stepped into the north wall of the Morgue.

There is no predicting when Maggie will come out of the walls of the Hospital, but whenever she does someone within the Hospital dies violently.

To make matters worse, every membera of the Hospital staff that viewed the surveillance footage of Maggies's summoning killed themselves within 48 hours. 

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