Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Black Hack: Pholcitaur & Skulltopus

Pholcitaur HD 2
Claws STR (1 Close) 3 dmgƒ 
• Frenzied! Every time the pholcitaur misses, it gains an additional Attack in all subsequent turns. All additional Attacks cease if it deals damage.

The pholcitaur generally dwell in ancient ruins that were left behind by the Progenitors, whom they worship. The pholcitaurs believe that they were created by the Progenitors and that is their sacred duty to preserve the secrets of their creators. Sadly, this often brings the generally peaceful folk into conflict with adventurers and treasure seekers.

Skulltopus HD 3

Tentacle STR (1d4 Close) 4 dmgƒ 
• Arcane Resistance! Roll with Advantage when making an Attribute Test to resist magic.
• Slippery! Once per battle, when a Character hits the skulltopus, they are forced to re-roll the Attack.

Nyarlathotep has a wicked sense of humor. Sometimes, after a spectacular failure by a cultist of Cthulhu to raise their dead and dreaming master, the Crawling Chaos will raise of them from the dead and infuse a bit of chthonic essence to them. He does it to leave a message for other cultists: wait until the stars are right to meet your end.

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