Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Darkest Dungeons: Bone Soldier for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Much like the Bone Rabble, the Bone Soldiers were honorable and loyal soldiers that served our family in ages long since passed. They were the backbone of our family’s army and those who fought and died on the battlefield for our family’s name and glory were given honorable graves within the crypts of the Ruins. However, when their bodies died, so too did their loyalties…

Dragged back from the peace of death by vile necromancy, these skeletal swordsmen have been drafted into a unholy army of the dead to defend the halls of the Ruins in which their new dark masters resides. Dressed in the armor they were buried with and carrying the sword they once used in life, these skeletal fiends don’t have the swordsmanship they had in life, being just simple-minded undead only capable of simple slashes. However, they are stronger and much harder to vanquish than the Bone Rabble.
Bone Soldier          DIFFICULTY 5
Size 1 frightening undead
Perception  9 (-1); darksight
Defense 13 (hard leather); Health 15
Strength 13 (+3)    Agility 11 (+1) 
Intellect   9 (-1)    Will       10 (+0)
Speed 10

Immune damage from disease and poison; 
   gaining Insanity; asleep, charmed, dazed, 
   diseased, fatigued, frightened, poisoned, 

Sword (melee) +3 with 1 boon (1d6 plus 1d6 
   on attack roll of 20+)

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