Wednesday, October 3, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween: (1,000 Faces) Copious Vonegut

Copious Vonegut

Appearance: Thin, wiry, his eyes are always darting around. He has a thin smile, almost a snear. His hair is a flaming red, he appears to be trying to grow a beard, but it is straggly. He has sky-blue eyes.

Quote: “Oh, sure, Copious will take care of it (muttering), I always take care of it, but maybe I'll take care of you next time?”

He mutters constantly.

His hands are always moving, often wildly gesticulating, when he 
He always makes eye-contact, almost as a challenge when he's talking to someone.

Background: Copious is both cobbler's apprentice in the local town and a witch (2nd level human magic-user/2nd level warlock), a member of the Snakeblood Coven, led by Rosalynd DuBar (6th level half-elf magic-user/6th level undying pack warlock). The Snakebloods total eight members and meet once a month, usually the second night of the full moon, at Rosalynd's shack in the North Woods. It is there they enact rites and sacrifices, typically goats, rabbits, or cats, to Hecate.
   However, once a year, a member chosen at random is chosen to bring a human to sacrifice for Hecate's blessing and to renew the Coven's magic. Copious was chosen to find that sacrifice and his eye of Laverne Magilicutte, a fourteen year old lass who lives in Cuttleton. This past spring Copious tried court her, but Laverne had not interest in the young man. He is ashamed and angry and sees this as a way to get his revenge.

Key Info:
Rosalynd chose Copious to make the sacrifice, she felt the young man, now nineteen, needed be pushed, that his devotion to Hecate was wavering and that his obsession with Laverne could lead him away from her worship. She see's Copious' power, despite his lack of commitment and has designs to seduce him, to control his power. She firmly believes that with Copious under her thumb she could usurp the nearby Misthart Coven and consolidate her power.

Copious is a lonely young man who just wants to be loved. While he has moments where he fantasizes about sacrificing Laverne, overall, he knows it's wrong. However, he likes the attention Rosalynd has started giving to him. She touches him very often and he finds her alluring even though she is over decade older than he is. Her attention makes him feel important in the Coven.

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