Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Some Recent News Tidbits

First, on Schwalb Entertainment's Facebook page, the shared a spell from the Black Magic tradition because they hit 750 Likes (I think you should "Like" them too).

Infestation of Maggots 

(Black Magic Tradition)

Casting Time: Complex
Range: Short
Target: One living creature
Duration: Special (see text)
The target’s guts fill up with hungry maggots that deal 2d6 damage.
During each round’s upkeep until the spell ends, the target rolls Strength. A failure causes the target to take 1d6 damage from the feasting maggots, and also causes the target to become dazed until the next round’s upkeep. Three successes end the spell.
A target incapacitated by the spell’s damage dies. A cloud of black flies spreads out from the corpse in a 5-yard radius sphere. The flies heavily obscure their area and remain for 1 minute or until dispersed by fire from an area spell or wind.

Second, they also previewed some dice they will be making available in the next few months.

Finally, on his blog, Robert talks at length about his approach to writing adventures as a DM with a busy schedule and lots of demands.  I totally appreciate his philosophy and approach.

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