Saturday, November 29, 2014

I got to Play Shadow of the Demon Lord with Robert J Schwalb...

and it was awesome!

Rob's game, Shadow of the Demon Lord won't launch as a Kickstarter until sometime in the spring of 2015, but he's doing a one man tour of several states, including Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, etc. to demo his new game at any local game store willing to host.

When I saw his plans, I jumped at adding Comic Book World to the list.  A few e-mails later and the date was ironed out and then, sadly, I had to wait three whole weeks to play.

Three.  Whole.  Weeks.

Yeah, I know, first world problems.  I get it.

The wait was worth it though.  Rob ran 10 of us through a great adventure fans of Warhammer's Old World could sink their teeth into!

We were a group of inquisitors looking for a priest who delved into Things Man Was Not Meant to Know and ended up getting sidetracked to a farm where horrific creatures were slaughter pigs and halflings alike.

It was great, one of the player's even killed other PC's with an ill timed spell.

Rob's game cuts through much of the clutter that while cool in games like DnD, aren't necessary and hums to life when needed, but isn't afraid to be quiet when its not in use.  And that was explicitly one of Rob's design goals.  Boy, did he succeed!

A special sweet spot for me is that the game is a great way to run games in a similar vein to the Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game, which is great as I'm not a big fan of the 3rd edition rules.

If you can talk your store into hosting a demo, do it right now!  And I'll keep you posted on the Kickstarter when it launches.

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