Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gaming ADD & Maturity or Heading Home to Jarlsburg

There was a time when Gaming ADD ran my (gaming) life.  No long term campaigns, no major character developments or arcs, just jumping from game to game.

Now, I love RPG's and I love trying new RPG rules, but most gamers aren't really like that.

As I've written, the ADD has kicked in and the writing has helped stave it off.

The most recent long term game I ran was Jarlsburg and part of the problem is that I miss it.

But, I'm planning it out and figuring how it will schedule and very briefly working out the rules for it.

You see, I truly love D&D 5th Edition, but I've been running it in one form or another for three years now.  And when I wasn't running that I was running 13th Age, which is awesome, but is merely a (strong) variation on the same theme.

So, most likely, when I pick Jarlsburg back up, not only will it probably only have one original player coming back, but it will be a different game engine.  And that will be the final decision I make and will not be agonized over so that I don't feed the ADD.

Since one PC will be returning, and he was a featured character the whole time, I've got to explain how much time has passed and what's been going on.

And that's what I'm going to focus on in my brainstorming, not the game engine.

When we left off, the Egg of Coot has just entered Jarlsburg through a skaven warpmatrix.  The Egg's forces had comprised the audience attending the King in Yellow performed at the Essex College's Padmoor Theatre.

What happens next?  How long ago was that?

Well, if your not going to tell me, I guess I have to figure it out for myself... 

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