Saturday, November 8, 2014

Big Hero 6

While enjoying our "staycation" the whole family went to see Disney's Big Hero 6.

And we all loved it, seriously, even my 11 month old watched the majority of the movie!

If you read the (2?) Marvel mini-series forget everything you know.  Which is good, because we are introduced to an interesting new universe of super heroes.

The movie was fun, charming, heart warming, and extremely well done.

In fact, I have for years now wondered why Marvel and DC didn't pursue high quality animated feature films (as the format is far closer to the comics than live action, meaning the costumes would translate far, far better).  And while Pixar gave us the Incredibles (where is Incredibles 2?!), well that was it.  Until today.

Honestly, the level of rendering done to the city makes me wonder why live action super hero films are pursued at all, the city was so well crafted and very lifelike.

There are even some great Marvel easter eggs (statues of Orca, Black Talon, and Torpedo) in there...oh, and stay until the very end.  There is a fun treat.

So wether your 11 months old or 43, I think you'll enjoy this movie.

Go see it!

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