Friday, May 30, 2014

Next Friday: Keeper of the Cerulean Sign Background (For D&D 5E) [UPDATED]

Keeper of the Cerulean Sign (Background) 

The Cerulean Sign is an ancient rune of power, created untold eons ago by a race or deity long since vanished. This ancient race or deity clearly opposed the rise of the aberrant races, yet its efforts were ultimately a failure. The aberration races prosper, while their ancient adversary is forgotten. All that remains is the Cerulean Sign and its still-potent power against creatures from outside the realm of sanity.

The power of the Cerulean Sign draws a small group of loyal keepers. These people work to keep the knowledge of the Cerulean Sign alive, for without it, the ancient aberrations cannot be opposed. But a keeper does far more than protect the Cerulean Sign. She takes the fight to the aberrations, and specifically to those they have seduced. She seeks out aberration cults and crushes them, ensuring that the foul taint from beyond can never supplant what is pure in the world.

Trait - Abolisher
Your experience hunting aberrations from the Far Realm help you to recognize signs of their presence in an area and their followers.

Skills: Arcana, Investigation
Tools:  Cerulean sign*
Languages: One of your choice.

Traveler's cloths, letters from fellow keepers, ink, pen, paper sheets (10 sheets), journal, 10 gp, 8 sp, 9 cp

*When wielding the Cerulean Sign any aberrations within a 60 ft. radius must make a Wisdom save (DC = 8 + twice the wielder's Proficiency bonus) or become Frightened.

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