Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If it's Tuesday it must be Jarlsburg: The Bloody Alley of Hollings-Hound Way

In the Northern Quarter of Yeti, between 19 and 20 Hollings-Hound Way is the Bloody Alley.

It is said that on first three nights of each month, from midnight to approximately 2am, blood pours in great gushing leaks from the walls on both side of the alley.  The blood smells like cinnamon and many folk say it has powerful restorative properties.  If you have the courage to collect it.

In the last two years alone, over 40 bodies have been found on those first three days of each month, their lungs filled with blood--drowned by the Alley itself.

Both buildings are now abandoned and no one dares enter either, even common hooligans.

The Oleander Council has pointedly ignored this problem and even after numerous requests from the business owners and residents form the area nothing has been done about the situation.

Many in Yeti whisper that the Alley is payment for some terrible pact between a Council Minister and some terrible fiend.  Others say that it is yet another part of the Dwarves' Shame.  But a drunken Silvercloak supposedly said it's a trap.  It's been set for something foul and unnamable, but its set and all it needs is the right prey.

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