Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Comics Day: Flash Mob (For FASERIP)

Profile:  Flash Mob

Fighting: Remarkable (30)
Agility:  Excellent (20)

Strength:  Incredible (40)

Endurance:  Excellent (20)

Reason:  Good (10)

Intuition:  Excellent (20)

Psyche:  Typical (6)

Health:  110

Karma:  36

Popularity:  Typical (6)

Resources:  Typical (6)

Duplication Remarkable (30)
Flash Mob can create up to 6 duplicates per turn to a maximum of 30 duplicates, but his "dupes" do not have the duplication power.
Diplomacy, Martial Arts B, Musician

Additional Information:
Real Name: Jon Martin Cooper Jr. 
Aliases/Nicks: Coop, JJ
Class: Vigilante 
Identity: Secret
Age: 19 
Gender: Male 
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 320 lbs.
Hair/Fur: Black
Eyes: Brown
Physical Form: Humanoid 
Race: Homo Superior
Marital Status: Single 
Citizenship: U.S.A. of Earth 926
Place of Birth: Dayton, OH of Earth 926
Base of Operations: Louisville, KY of Earth 926
Education: Bachelors in Communication and Music Education
Occupation: Recruiter for the Kiln
Origin of Powers: Mutant
Group Affiliation: The Kiln, CITADEL

Known Relatives
Father: Jon Martin Cooper
Mother: Lena R. Cooper
Siblings: James (16), Robyn (14)
Children: None

Jon Jr. is the oldest child of Jon Sr. and Lena who met while working at Roxxon Chemical in Texas.  After marrying the moved to Lena's hometown of Dayton, OH to raise their family, with Jon Sr. taking a position at Brighton Solutions and Lena becoming an Art teacher at Sizemore Elementary.

At the age of 11, JJ was spending the night a a friends house when a fire started and in his fear and panic, he duplicated for the first time to help wake up his friend's family.  Within a week after the incident, the Coopers were first approached by Elias and Thomasina Ash to join their new school, the Kiln in Louisville, KY.

JJ or Coop as became known was one of the original 12 students at the Kiln, the Ash's attempt to train and mentor young metahumans that were emerging all of the U.S.  The Kiln was designed to succeed where similar schools failed, the school was not merely designed to train one type of metahuman for combat, but to train them in the safe use of their powers and shape their world views and guide them to using those powers for the greater good--not merely battling their own kind in the streets.

Coop graduated with his Bachelors in two subjects at the age of 17 and has gone on to help recruit new students for the Kiln.

He also has been known to team up with several other former students as part of CITADEL, doing freelance security and intelligence work.

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