Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making Their Way into the Dead of Night [AGE System]

The Cast:

Jaque, an intense young man who doesn't shy away from a fight and wields an ancient hatchet, he is looking for a treasure map the Hungry Hippogriph's owner, Trip, was rumored to have from his days as an adventurer.  Jaque also managed to pilfer Trip's old sword.

Phenn, a Knight of Khonsu, he is on a pilgrimage for his mystical order.

Skink, a doppleganger without an identity or a past, he has worked for Trip for several months and was shocked at the kind man's violent murder.  He hates Eve and and is uncertain of Adam, but he protects them both out of devotion to Trip.

Herman Deadwards, a thief and plunderer.  As the tavern lay under siege, he spent the evening literally stealing everything that wasn't nailed down.

Adrian, a fair haired outsider who is very firm in his goals, he has mastered a strange magic, he calls Psionics.  No one from the village remembers him, even though he was found amongst them.  He can walk on walls.


The priest of Dagon, Lukas seemed to wobble before falling down the steps, and no one was sure why.  Adrian, used his telekinetic gifts to bring into the "safety" of the moat.  All looked toward the door to see if the bloodsuckers would breach the cellar.

While something smashed against the door it did not break.  They held their breath and plotted.  They called out to Adam, who had disappeared, and like a wraith he drifted down through the ceiling.  He was very distraught at Lukas's state and with Dagon's blessing, brought him back to conscious.

Adrian learned that some curse had sent him reeling into unconsciousness and Lukas sought safety in empty barrel.

The group plotted and argued about their safety; wether they should remain here or fight.  It got very heated.  There was also disquiet over Skink's "moat" and wether it would repel the vamps.

After a few more tries to batter down the door to the cellar by their enemy and several hours, Phenn very cautiously left the cellar and entered the main floor.  Adrian "rode" along, looking through his allies eyes.

They spied a ghouls casually crawling into the kitchen through the open door and sniff for prey.

Then it quickly turned and fled back out the way it came.

Adrian "rode"it as well, he watched as it approached a gathering of 10 vampires who had tied up over a dozen more of the village's survivors.  They seemed to be employing the ghouls as hounds and had half a dozen skeletons in pristine armor as guards.  Adrian felt that the tallest vampire, wearing a heavy black cloak was their leader, but he could not understand the language they were speaking.

While Herman and Adrian moved upstairs, Skink told the others about a secret exit and explained to them to follow them and move quickly.

Something entered the ghoul's mind and challenged Adrian's hold on it.  When it failed to break Adrian's control a skeleton decapitated the creature.

Then the same entity began searching for Adrian's location, and with great effort the psychic was able to fool the being into thinking he was in the cellar of the tavern.  Phenn had moved to the kitchen to spy on the group of undead when he saw two skeletons head toward them.

Deadwards, Adrian, and Phenn made their stand in the tavern's main room and with help from Skink, who couldn't leave them behind they defeated one of the skeletons and sent the other one retreating so they could all make their escape into the night and hopefully freedom.

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