Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fischer-Price Adventure People

For Adventurers from 4 to 9 years old!

I loved action figures growing up.  Ok, I still love them, I just can't afford them anymore.

The Fischer-Price Adventure People were the first action figures I owned and I still remember the cool accessories and vehicles they fit into.

In fact, there was a gorilla figure I still remember playing with.

I remember the vehicles being as cool as the figures, though that may be just how I played back them.

While the safari set was my favorite, the space sets were a very close second.

I would eventually move on to Star Wars and GI Joe, but there is something very...innocent about the Adventure People that I truly miss.


WQRobb said...

I recently picked up a few on eBay, out of pure nostalgia. They included a couple of the "sci fi" figures like the robot with the claw hands.

Michael Curtis said...

I had every one of those sets depicted in the first photo. My favorite was the Park Rangers set with the sea-plane/boat combo. Man, I wish I still had those.

Jesse Rodriguez said...

OH wow, I had a bunch of these guys. I remember having that green and yellow dune buggy pictured in the left hand side of that last picture; the dirt bike with the side car, that would go into a van shaped just like the blue on in the top picture. It came with a canoe. I had the parachute jumper. I also remember having a little one man submarine that had a big claw in the front of it. It came with a squid. What a blast from the past.

Mark Means said...

I remember these, though I was a bit 'too old' for them back in the day. Very cool and I'm loving this trip down memory lane :)

Cross Planes said...

I'm glad other people enjoyed them too!

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