Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Delving Deeper and D&D Next

Delving Deeper

Saturday night, my son and I got to play Delving Deeper in Dan F.'s Keep on the Borderland game and we had a blast.  The game included both of us and Dan's son and youngest daughter.  We all worked fairly well together and were able to rescue to the people the hobgoblins had captured and slaughter quite a few goblins and make it safely to the Keep.

I've never played 0 Edition or "ODnD" and I really better understand it's charm.  Swords and Wizardry is what pulled me into the OSR, and while I found that game's single Save mechanic genius, I find I prefer Delving Deeper's closer approximation of the the original game.

And I've never played through (or run) the Keep on the Borderlands so I'm truly looking forward to playing more of this.

DnD Next

Yesterday, in Legends and Lore, Mike Mearls discussed changes to Feats and once again, I'm left feeling dubious about future packets.  While I appreciate they are working on the "bonus economy*", something I feel that 3.x, 4E and Pathfinder all needed to do, I like having 4 pillars to character creation and am worried about uneven Feat acquisition.  But, I've enjoyed everything they've shown me so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

*Something that disturbed me in previous editions is how +1 to BAB (a Feat can give you +1)  compared to a +1 to Ability Scores(No Feat equivalent) compared to +1 to Skills(a Feat can give you a +2 or +3) compared to a +1 to Saves (a Feat give you +2).  To me Feats could've clearly delineated an economy for these bonuses and then could've have been applied more logically through the rest of the system.

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