Friday, July 6, 2012

Mightiest Issue 7

The Avengers of Earth 926:

Iron Man
The Hulk
The Thing
Loki, God of Mischief
Invisible Woman
Black Widow is searching for James Rhodes.

The Avengers continued to mingle at Emma Frost's gala at the Massachusetts Academy.  Tony Stark invited Cain Marko and "Black" Tom Cassiday to drink with him and got some information about their new employer, Advanced Idea Mechanics.  Tony even doubled AIM's offer and hired the pair away.  He also found out that an individual, known as Nightingale, had been paying "well above scale" for exotic jobs.

Loki convinced Wolverine to leave the party with him and Thor tried to follow them but was interrupted by Heather Douglas, who was very flirtatious and could see through his Donald Blake illusion.

Arriving back at the X-Mansion, Loki used his staff to take control of Wolverine's mind and then teleported them both to Boston.  He reached out and contacted the Other and informed him that he was about to hand the Earth over to the Other's Master.  He then opened a rift to Jotunheim and summoned Etins and and winter itself to assault the city.  Loki directed Wolverine to act as his general in the attack.

Thor returned to the X-Mansion, and after looking for his brother, decided to journey to Asgard to consult Heimdall.

Loki's forces ravaged Boston and local hero, Shamrock, joined the fight only to be literally cut down by Wolverine.  Loki wove a spell to enlarge Logan to 20 feet tall, transform his skin blue, and grant him "Rime Armor".

Heimdall revealed Loki's location to Thor and he took a moment to visit their father where he dreamt in the Odinsleep.

Loki, perched atop John Hancock Tower, began freezing skyscrapers.

Thor arrived on the scene and summoned a thunder storm to expel the mystical winter his brother had summoned.  The two stormfronts, however, began to violently mix into a terrible nor'easter that added to the carnage.  He also alerted SHIELD and called for the Avengers to aid him.

Wolverine launched himself at the flying Thor and a violent battle ensued.  God and mutant both came away from the skirmish with hellish wounds.

As the Avengers sped to Boston, they began to formulate a plan of attack.

Loki coordinated his Etin to slow down his brother, while he launched violent eldritch blasts at him.

Thor called for the Warrior's Three to come to Midgard's aid.

Invisible Woman cloaked the Quinjet with invisibility and Spider-Man launched himself at Loki, using his webs to wrench the God of Lies' staff from his hands.  The Thing dropped himself amongst the Etin and began dwindling their numbers.  Sue Storm arrived on the John Handcock Tower and slammed Loki to the edge of the roof.  Colossus dropped onto the building and landed squarely on Loki's staff, smashing it completely.  Tony Stark piloted the Quinjet and used the Hulk as a bomb that landed squarely on Wolverine's head.

Loki, enraged, launched a violent eldritch blast at Colossus, but the remaining essence of the staff surrounding him and reflected the attack upon Loki.  The God of Mischief was hurled off the roof and deep into a neighboring skyscraper, the mocking laughter of the Other echoing in his skull.

Thor was able to calm the violent weather and began searching for his brother, but to no avail, Loki was gone.

It was quick work to finish off the Etin, but downtown Boston was awash in destruction.  Logan found the body of Shamrock and was appalled at what he'd been forced to due.

Nick Fury arrived on the scene, while he was furious at the evening's turn of events,  he informed them that more pressing matters awaited the team in Argentina, at the Precinct site.

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Unknown said...

That was the most intense and enjoyable evening I have had playing Marvel even tho I was defeated. Sweet job Mark as always! Its not the last of Loki tho I'm sure.

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