Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heroes of New Cincinnati: Baby Doll, Leader of the Rebels

Recently, one of the Game Master's at my store, John W. (Jacob the Rooster from my Gatherers game) asked me if I'd like to share in some of the world building of the Wild Talents 2E game he's about to start. It was a great honor to be asked, and here are some of my contributions:

Baby Doll, Leader of the Rebels 
Roberta "Bobby" Dahl graduated with a PhD in Psychiatry from the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at the age of 19. Bobby's intellect is extraordinary, but her prowess at telepathy is peerless. She began communicating and stealing knowledge while in her mother's womb, and it was at then that she learned she was conceived from her mother's rape. Her view on men, therefore was fixed before she was even born. By 23 she'd become a high profile spokeswoman on Women's Rights and a powerful advocate for the ERA. While speaking on behalf of Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate Denise Van Heusen (D), Bobby was one of 7 wounded and 3 killed, including Van Heusen, by Aloysius Cain, the so called "Trouble Shooter".

Bobby's largest concern after being shot, was the fact that she couldn't "read" Cain, nor detect his attack before it occurred.  Bobby became obsessed with understanding the man's secret and her investigation led her to discover that Van Heusen wasn't the target, Bobby herself was. The CIA had become aware of her abilities and sent a warning to her that she could be targeted at any moment.  

Bobby's worldview changed overnight and she went underground, moving amongst the darker elements of superhuman society. After discovering Purge and realizing she could shape him into a useful weapon, Bobby decided to stop living in the shadows.   She created the identity of Baby Doll, which tapped into what she believed was every man's stereotypical image of a woman and began recruiting members of the Rebels.

The initiation test for the Rebels was to break into the facility holding Aloysius Caine, Westmoreland Mega Maximum Security Penitentiary for super human threats known as the Pit in Pittsburgh, KS.  Her goal was to test each of her candidates and to finally learn why she couldn't detect Caine when he attacked her. She led 7 other superhumans into the Pit and the three that survived with her have become her Rebels. 

During her "interview" she discovered that Caine was her father and a serial rapist, as well. Her unconscious mind recognized him from her mother's memories and simply ignored his presence in the crowd that day. She was over come with a psychotic rage at her failure to stop his attack and the memories of the victims he had raped.   In her rage she "mind raped" him, leaving him a merely a physical husk, unfortunately it unlocked her own predilection for her father's compulsion.

Baby Doll is an extremely powerful telepath, who has mastered her ability to communicate with multiple targets over great distances, infiltrate and steal information from a target's mind without their knowledge, mental assault, mental manipulation (aided by her expertise in psychiatry) and her darkest secret, a compulsion as a serial "mind rapist" 

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