Friday, May 25, 2012

So I've Been Playing D&D Next Since March...

Yep.  I was part of the Friends & Family Playtest.  Both the Gathering and the Wierd War Stories games are 5E/D&D Next.  My intention was to change their stat blocks, but now that I have the Open Playtest Files* I'll probably hold off, because ALOT HAS CHANGED.  So far, I actually like the new stuff better.  And trust me I have loved running D&D Next (boy, I dislike that name).  I hope its sooner, rather than later where we can see rules for the 4 races and classes with themes and backgrounds.  Backgrounds were not a part of the playtest I participated in, so I'd like to see more of those.  I'm hoping this weekend to run the characters with my kids and some of their friends.

I also apologize for getting so behind on posting.  I've been working on redesigning my company's website and it has consumed all of my energy.  In fact, I feel bad, because I sessions of Mightiest and the Gathering so far this week and I felt like my GMing was off.

I hope to get a couple of posts in tomorrow to catch things up.

*Thank YOU for helping me with the playtest files today.  You know who YOU are.

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