Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Gathering: Session 3 part 2

After finding and attending to Lin, a female halfling.  The Gatherers learn that she is a member of another party who are exploring the Tomb of Yawgmoth.  They discover the corpse the found in the previous room was named Martel and he was their infiltration expert.  She mentions that the rest her group was a scarred man named Rolf; her friend and long time companion Jenna Carlua Treme; a sour-faced man from a placed he called Miszouri, Corbin Saint Charles; the man she blames for Martel's demise, Tonfa the Magpie; and their leader, The Ebon Handed Janissary, an intimidating Mage from Sarpadia.

The Rooster escorted Lin out of the "containment wing" and had her rest, securely, in room they believed to be an infirmary.

The Gatherers then turned their attention to the first "cell" and decided to open it.  They came face to face with Wrax the XXIII, a mummified Vampire & Pharoh who was being held with his Auron Throne.  Wrax presented a very convincing argument for release and Variel was extremely swayed by it, however a consensus couldn't be reached on wether to trust him.  Wrax maintained that if he was allowed, he'd move his Throne into the hallway and leave this plane for his home.   Since there was some bitter dispute on trusting his story, Anthro summoned a pig as a "snack" for Wrax and his cell door was closed by Barracus and his offer tabled.  For now.

The second cell housed Camila Von Carstein, lounging languidly on a plush divan of a rich, deep violet.  Her beauty was stunning, and the group seemed concerned about her powers of persuasion.  She admitted their concerns were just and briefly explained that this whole wing was dedicated to studying the Vampires' "immortality" and that she hadn't dealt with her captors in close to 300 years.  She also warned them of "the witch next door" and told them that "she would soon meet them again".  Then they closed her cell, very shakily.

The third cell housed a Penalagan named Minmei.  The group was disgusted with her appearance and spent little time with her.  Though she did tell them "not to trust a thing that bitch, Von Carstein had to say".

The Rooster then had Barracus open the fourth cell.  The Gatherers were  surprised to find a naked woman meditating in the lotus position.  She slowly acknowledge them and briskly explained that she had was ready for her curse of undeath to end.  She then asked them to destroy her, without fear or guile.  While there was hesitation amongst most of them, Jacob stepped forward and offered to free her from this existence.  The Rooster asked Barracus to close the cell, to give her some privacy and asked his god, Markus to release her from her curse.  In moments, his invocation was answered and the female vampire disintegrated into dust.  As she succumbed to death, her third eye opened in her forehead and s thanks for her release, the woman gave him two parting gifts.

As Jacob the Rooster dealt with the unnamed Vampire, Variel was arguing for releasing Wrax and any other Undead that would leave this plane of existence.  Lord Wintresh was completely against this course of action.

Finally, there was knock on the cell Jacob was in and Barracus released him.  The group was shocked to see the vampire's third eye orbiting erratically around his body, Jacob's first gift.  The second he kept to himself.  Behind him the ashes of the strange woman rested on the floor.

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