Friday, May 18, 2012

Mightiest Issue 1

•  Mightiest is set on Earth 926 and uses the Marvel Movies as it's foundation.

• The current Avengers Roster is the Thing, Colossus, Shadowcat, Wolverine, Thor, Loki and are led by Captain America.  Tony Stark and Nick Fury are in China.

•  Less than a week ago, SHIELD agents captured Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker, AKA Fenris, and high level Hydra leaders.

•  2 days ago, the current head of Hydra and the twin's grandfather, Wolfgang Von Strucker, offered to turn himself in, if the twins could be extradited to Argentina.  Nick Fury agreed and War Machine is escorting him in to Avengers HQ today.

•  Simultaneously, Hank Pym is in charge of downloading JARVIS into the android body Phineas Horton developed and sold to Howard Stark.  Pym has solved the problem of the android combusting into flame when exposed to air.  The download is also to occur today.

•  War Machine arrives with Baron Strucker and hands him over to Cap for interrogation.  He asks to speak with Pym on Stark's behalf.

•  Wolverine seems uncertain of War Machine, but his mutant senses confirm him as James Rhodes.

•  Captain America, Shadowcat and SHIELD interrogator Oliver Sloane begin questioning a very smug and unhelpful Strucker.  Pym announces over the communication system that JARVIS will offline for 2 minutes starting in 10 minutes while the download occurs.

•  Wolverine notices the 6 SHIELD agents that came with Rhodes "have European deodorant" and smell wrong.  He keeps a close eye on them.

•  As soon as the Download begins, Strucker tells Cap that he'll "see him in Hell" and explodes from a bomb in his wheelchair, injuring Thor and killing Sloane.  2 floors up where the Download is proceeding, more explosions are heard.

•  Shadowcat arrives at the lab first and sees that War Machine has slaughtered the technicians, Pym is gone and Baron Strucker has been downloaded into the Android body and bursts into flame, laughing maniacally.

•  Cap and Wolverine lead the SHIELD Agents up to the lab.  Thor and Colossus confront War Machine and Shadowcat disrupts Strucker's circuitry.

•  A battle rages, just as Thor and Colossus seem to have defeated War Machine, he explodes.  Strucker melts down to the next level and is able to resist an ice blast from Loki, avoid a lunge by the Thing (that carries him 2 floors lower) and stun Shadowcat.

•  Strucker leaves when he hears the arrival of Skourge the Executioner and Amora the Enchantress, by melting through a window and rocketing off.  Thor and Loki are shocked to see that Amora carries the Tessaract, which she points at Captain America.  Its' strange energies envelope him and he disappears, replaced by...the Red Skull.

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