Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shhh...I started this post yesterday.

How did your journey through the alphabet go? 
It went great, I was glad to not only start it late, but finish it on time.

Did you meet new bloggers with similar interests? 
Yes, a commenter is someone I'm now following.

Are there any you would like to feature and share with others?

What were the highlights for you? (lowlights too...we want to hear it all)
Realizing I could write something everyday, that the ideas and the words would flow.

Did you enjoy posting daily? 
Very, very much.

What was your biggest hurdle? 
Finding the time.

What was your easiest task?
B is for Battle Beasts.

Was time management an issue? (I know, silly question, when isn’t time management an issue - but, it is worth reflecting on)
I got lucky, in that when I started the project, I was on vacation. It allowed me to get caught up from my late start, but M through R were tougher to get done. That led me to prepping articles at least a day ahead.

And what about your content - did you have a theme or did you wing it? 
My theme was the A to Z of Roleplaying Games for 1 post. Then I changed it to the A to Z of Inspiration. It gave me more freedom for topics and I think allowed me to show off more of myself.

Was it easy to come up with ideas for each letter, or were some harder? 
Once I got to T, quite a bit of brainstorming was necessary. I not only wanted a good subject for each letter, but also wanted to and make them as unique as possible.

How about commenting - did you stumble upon lots of sites still using word verification? 
I think every site I comment on still uses it.

Did this prevent you from leaving a comment? 
No, but I loathe it.

What worked for your blog?
The most popular post was on Clash of the Titans, but movies in general had more hits.

What will you do different next year? (Yes, you are doing this next year, you know you are, even if your brain is telling you to run for the hills - it appreciates the exercise)
I'm not sure yet. May is my busiest month of the year, so I won't start thinking about it until June. If I have time, I definitely will try to prep posts in advance and try to have several posts ready to go.

What pearls of wisdom do you want to share with the Co-Hosts of this event? (We would love to hear from you and know what you think would make this awesome event even better)
Anyway we could convince Google to tie it into a logo treatment on the search engine? If it weren't for Tim Brannan, I wouldn't have remembered it. Is there a badge that could be given out in March to alert people it's coming and help recruit?

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