Friday, May 18, 2012

Primeval Session 1

• The group is gathered at the Brown Mare in Jarlsburg after going to the hut of the witch, Zara Hornn, and retrieving the Alabaster Bouquet for the city's Mayor, Stanis Krauss.  Krauss has hired them to retrieve the Bouquet from Hornn, because his father bartered it to her for wealth but was killed soon after.  He wants the item back and feels the witch lied to his family.

• Hornn's hut is in the Deep Woods and while looking for it, she came back home.  During the fight, Eden pushed the crone into her Witch's Cauldron, and they set the hut ablaze and fled.

• The Celebration of Saint Canton is in full swing and the filled to the brim.

• While waiting for there meeting with the Mayor, the group spies an elf watching them.  They are shocked a few minutes later, to see another elf who is an exact duplicate of the first, watching to the right as well.

• They leave the Mare and notice two additonal duplicate elves, fast approaching them through the heavy crowd.  They use their knowledge of Jarlsburg to lose them and head to the Mayor's office.

• They meet the Mayor's cousin, Pete trying to pass as guard of the office.  He complains about the new butler and escorts them to the office.  The new butler, Portis, is another elf duplicate.  He shows them to the drawing room and says the Mayor will be with them soon.

•  Stanis Krauss, Mayor of Jarlsburg, is exceedingly drunk.  The group decides to hold off on handing over the Bouquet and insists that they finish business in the morning.  He offers them room in his residence and rings for Portis, before passing out.  Link notices a secret compartment in his chair and finds a beautiful diamond ring and a note threatening the Mayor.  Rainer opens a safe they find behind the Mayor's portrait, but its filled with mundane documents and the gold he's promised to pay them.

• Portis takes them to their rooms.  While Eden is inspecting his wardrobe, he discovers another elf duplicate hiding.  Eden promptly punches him in the face and yells for help.

• As the group rushes to Eden, they encounter Portis and 2 more duplicates in the hallway.  After a vicious fight, only Portis and the duplicate from Eden's room are left alive.  They explain that they are part of the Brotherhood of Bones and Teeth and that before Stanis's grandfather stole the Bouquet, it belonged to them and they wanted it back.  The party and the duplicates go down to the drawing room to sort out the truth with the Mayor.

•  They find Stanis decapitated with surprising little blood around the body.  His head is missing.  Link launches out the open window and begins searching for the culprit.  The duplicates tell the rest of the group they have 72 hours to recover the Bouquet and leave.  Eden decides to question Pete and discovers he has been decapitated as well.

•  Link notices a cloaked figure getting into a horse-drawn carriage that bears the seal of a local pine baroness, Belladonna Mailfaux.  He pursues and shouts for his comrades to follow.

•  After a lengthy chase, Rainer and Eden are able to get briefly ahead of the carriage, but avoiding revelers and using back alleys.  Eden casts Sleep on the horses and the carriage suffers and deadly crash.  The horses and the driver are killed, but the cloaked figure steps from the wreckage.  Kinbell and Link finally arrive with Link's sister, Zelda.  They can't discern the assassin's features from his concealing cloak, but they can see that he is naked underneath and his flesh has many strange tattoos in Abyssal.  His ornate sword, allows him to cast spells and puts Kinbell to Sleep.  The battle is pitched, but just as the group seems close to triumph, the assassin begins to cast a spell.  Link, acting quickly cleaves the villain in two.  Unfortunately, his sword and the corpse Teleport away.

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