Sunday, July 3, 2022

3d6 Dungeneers: Design Diary Part 2

I don't know if 3d6 Dungeoneers will stick but I'm trying to decide between the following presentations:

3(d6) Dungeoneers 


3d6 Dungeoneers

Any thoughts?

I'm looking at the Skill list and deciding between using the terms from the OSR or making them more general. I'll probably use something more general so Initiative and NPC Reactions could become Combat Reflexes and Social Interaction.

I'm also looking at how another of Mike Pondsmith's games deals with "class abilities" via Cyberpunk's Special Abilities such as Combat Sense, Interface, or Authority.

If I went that direction I would probably do something like this:

Fighters have an ability to do extra damage either as a flat bonus, say +2, or bump up the die type of the weapon, say from 1d8 to 1d10. This will depend on if it is a separate from Skills.

Thiefs could roll 4d6 and drop the highest for "Thief Skills" or for Saving Throws, which I'm calling Resists right now. In my mind, Thief's having the best Saves is far more appealing to me than being a "skill monkey".

I could give Clerics back Turn Undead or I could remove them. I know that ODnD only had Fighters, Clerics, and Wizards but maybe the Cleric just doesn't work?

Wizards could then get the sole ability to cast spells. I don't know if I want that though? Why can't just anyone cast spells? But that exploration really informs how OSR adjacent I want to be. Wizards give up a lot to cast spells in most OSR games, yet more modern games have shown us options for other classes can compete with Wizards.

I still have a lot to settle. 

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