Saturday, January 22, 2022

Numenera: Victor Von Doom


Motive: Rule
Environment: Anywhere on Earth
Health: 30
Damage Inflicted: 10 points
Armor: 7
Movement: Short
Modifications: Manipulation 10, Numenera 10, Intellect Defense 10
Combat: Doom prefers to work behind the scenes and keep his identity a secret but he is a vicious and remarkably experienced warrior who exploits technology and magic to attack his enemies.
Interactions: Most of his operatives do not know they are working for Doom and he would delight in hiring the characters to accomplish one of his many goals.

"During the invasion of Earth by the Martian Masters, Victor Von Doom fought alongside the heroes of Earth, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Captain America, Franklin Richards and the Silver Surfer. Unlike most of Earth's defenders, Doom survived the war, though most of his activities during the next thousand years are unknown.[1]

At some point, Doom killed Logan, and had his brain transplanted into the mutant's adamantium coated skeleton. This would not be known to the world at large, who by the 31st century believed that Doom had been dead for centuries."

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