Monday, January 24, 2022

Marvel Monday: Annihilus for the Cypher System, Claim the Sky, & Numenera

 Annihilus 10 (30) for Claim the Sky and the Cypher System 

Motive: Conquest
Environment: Negative Zone
Health: 39
Damage Inflicted: 10 
Armor: 9 
Movement: Long 
Modifications: Might Defense 11, Speed Defense 11
Combat: Annihilus is loud and obnoxious foe who will attempt to use every advantage in his path of conquest or destruction.
Interactions: He will bully, pontificate, and even destroy anyone who gets in his way.

"Finding the wreckage of a starship, he used a special helmet to transfer all information about the advanced Tyannan technology to himself. This caused him to grow stronger and smarter, gaining a Cosmic Control Rod and body armaments. The creature eventually became known as Annihilus and he set out to destroy anything that was a threat to his existence. He planned to conquer or destroy all planets nearby Arthros.
   Annihilus feared only one thing: death. Because his Cosmic Control Rod extended his lifespan, he defended it from every potential threat, real or imagined. His first impression of the Fantastic Four, then, was not favorable: they took away his rod to treat Susan Richards during her pregnancy, although they returned it when they were through with it."

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