Saturday, January 29, 2022

Numenera: Pale Horse


Pale Horse 7 (21) for Numenera

Motive: Thrill of Battle
Environment: Ninth World
Health: 24
Damage Inflicted: 7 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Short
Modifications: Might Defense 8, Speed Defense 8
Combat: Pale Horse bears five cyphers at a time and if not hired to assassinate a target will focus on the weakest enemy and work her way up to the most dangerous.
Interactions: When not on an assignment she can be found at the Edamame Bloom where she is a co-owner with Agnar Vex.

Pale Horse is the youngest child of the Bright Moon clan of nomads who lived in the Ka desert. When Pale Horse was eleven her clan was attacked by bandits and the only survivors were her and her adopted brother, Agnar Vex. Eventually, Pale Horse and Aganar made their way to the city of Redoubt and fell in with a gang of street kids who worked for Yolo Eberflus, a charismatic glaive who was addicted to the drug Zen due post-traumatic stress disorder from being conscripted into war at the age of fourteen. After Pale Horse and Agnar joined Yolo's Shinedown gang, she began training in unarmed combat and intrusion methods while Agnar began learning the art of the grift and pickpocketing. Yolo saw an emptiness as he looked into Pale Horses eyes and recognizing it, began to push her skills and started training her on the use of various weapons. Each challenge he put in front of her she overcame and soon she was attracting the notice of more powerful and dangerous people in the city. Two months before she turned fourteen she was approached by Throkmorton Mu, the new Death's Head of the Estate, an assassin guild that operated in Redoubt. He offered her and her brother a life of financial security and an outlet for her combat prowess, but she turned him down saying she had a family now. Mu, guessing she counted Yolo as part of it, asked her to offer him the choice between fleeing the city with her and her brother and 100,000 Shin or a three-month supply of Zen. Pale Horse was shocked and angered by Mu's proposition but decided to present the choice to Yolo certain that he was dead wrong. The last time Pale Horse cried was when Yolo snatched the supply of Zen from her hand and told her to, "Quit bothering me and Frak off." 

When Pale Horse contacted Mu she laid out her demands to him which consisted of making sure her brother was to be protected and he accepted them without any hesitation. Then he welcomed her to the guild, but as she left the room, he asked her, "How did you leave things with Yolo?" As she walked out of the room she informed him that her mentor had died from an overdose.

In the last fifteen years Pale Horse has become a whisper that strikes fear in the hearts of those in the know. She the Valley of the Shadow Death. She is the evil. She is the rod and the staff. She has no fear.

Two years ago, she and Agnar bought the Edamame Bloom and he runs the day to day operations. She is taking fewer jobs as most of her guild obligations have been attained and she is now a Master within its ranks. Several months ago, a small operation within the Westside of Syzygy began dealing Zen and word got back to her about it. Every member of that crew died in a very, very, painful manner that took them all several days. Pale Horse met with both Logriss and her wife Yrsula and an understanding between all three parties was worked out.

You can't find Zen in Syzygy any longer.


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