Saturday, January 22, 2022

Numenera: The Hecatomb of Tsarina Breeta the XI

 Art by Dan Watson

After the Third and final Robotech War ten-thousand zentradi refugees returned to Earth and were given Antarctica to use as their home which they renamed Sanctorum. However, within a century the poles of the Earth shifted and the climate and weather changed dramatically as Sanctorum was now on the planet's equator. A great zentradi empire arose, known as the Z'Earth Union, which flourished for over 1000 years as it helped shepherd the human survivors of the pole shift.

However, the lemurians, who sank Atlantis and were then banished to the far off city of Carcosa by the Sorcerer Saints of Nod, managed to return to Earth as reward for their loyalty to the Lord of Chaos, Xathoqqua. They immediately began attacking the Z'Earth Union which created a terrible and devastating war that ended the 3rd World and destroyed 97% of the sentient life on Earth.

Recently, a Hecatomb honoring Tsarina Breeta the XI was uncovered in Matheunis the Cold Desert was uncovered and explored by Arin Tarn. The burial chamber not only contained the remains of Breeta the XI but the remains of her two sisters, Enna and Pareen as well as numerous texts chronicling the history of the zentradi and the Z'Earth Union that reigned for centuries. Rumor persist that Tarn has within their possession a zentradi gene seed that could allow for the return of that extinct species. Complicating matters is a 1,000,000 shin bounty being offered for Tarn being brought alive to Etienne Gambo, the head of the Gambo crime syndicate and based out of the city of Syzygy.

Zentradi 5 (15) for the Cypher System 

Motive: Freedom
Environment: The 3rd World
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 5 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Long
Modifications: Might defense 6, Pilot 6
Combat: Zentradi are terrfying foes whose size and mastery of technology were encoded into their DNA by the Robotech Masters.
Interactions: The zentradi of the Z'Earth Union of the 3rd World sought to help the human species endure it's pole shift and to embrace peace over war.

"The Zentraedi were a genetically engineered warrior race of clonesthat served the Robotech Masters."

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