Sunday, July 4, 2021

The 9 Realms: Session 1 & 2

A few weeks ago I ran Godbound for a small group of friends, 3 players in all. I used some pregens found here and my players chose to run Thor, a Red Dragon, and Legolas. They investigated some disappearances in the village of Kwung at the base of Red Witch Mountain. 

The session was great and heavily featured investigation and a lot of role-playing. The characters discovered that Loki & Hela were manipulating a pact that Odin had made many centuries ago and that the Red Witch was abducting villagers who were involved in the death of her apprentice. Like all others before her, the current Red Witch took on an apprentice to replace her so she eventually escape her mortal coil and become a part of the magical weave around Midgard. To solve the situation characters went into Hel and made a pact with Hela, two, in fact, which reunited the Red Witch and her apprentice were reunited and the natural cycle restored.

Tonight, I had 3 players again, Thor's player returned and was now joined by Loki and Doctor Strange. The Celestial Beauracracy detected an anomaly at the Violet Gate in Svartalfheim and dispatched the Pantheon to investigate the situation in a kind of "pre-crime" scenario ala Minority Report. 

I used Kevin Crawford's excellent tools in Godbound to generate a nice outline for the session and it worked great.

The Beauracracy had allowed the Brotherhood in Bonds, who serve the Shackled God, to take over maintenance on the Violet Gate but various omens pointed to something dangerous occurring there soon.

The trio met the new leader of the Brotherhood, Hyrm, the sentient python advising him (who is also the serpent from Eden), an Oni named Harvey, a heroin-addicted quantum physicist named Kevin, and a blind astronomer named Liz.

The investigation revealed that the former leader of the Brotherhood, Kip Kob Khana was a makluan -- a member of the same alien race as Fin Fang Foom, had masqueraded as a human throughout many centuries until he found a way to use the Violet Gate to take necessary technology to his homeworld so that they could conquer Earth. The trio was able to intercept the Makluan armada at Jupiter and was able to decimate the fleet. The surviving ships insisted on a formal treaty with the Celestial Bureaucracy and the accompanying feast to honor the trio. However, all of that was only a ruse as Kip and their leader, Leng Leng Leng, used the Violet Gate to attack the brotherhood and escape the Dark World.

Doctor Strange went to Alfheim and was met by a trinity of Light Elves while Thor and Loki went to Nidavellir, the Realm of the Dwarves, where they encountered several fallen Dwarves. It was then that Thor and Loki called out to the Sorcerer Supreme who was being attacked by the Light Elves who had allied with the Makluans.

And that is where we ended things.

The plan is to continue things next week.

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