Monday, July 5, 2021

Star Wars: Trandoshans for Stars Without Number


They were sentient humanoids with smooth, scaly skin. Trandoshans ranged from being tall and fairly gaunt to being short and more rotund. Trandoshans were powerful beings and had long thin arms that ended in either three thick digits, or four thin digits, including a thumb. Trandoshans had a pair of eyes set back on a pointed skull, and a jaw filled with pointed teeth. They hatched from eggs, with individuals who shared a hatch of eggs calling each other clutchmates.
Trandoshans often walked barefooted and had feet with three digits each. A Trandoshan's skin color could vary wildly, and Trandoshans could be found with green, red, orange, brown, or yellow skin. Some Trandoshans had brownish-orange skin with red stripes on their face. They were able to regrow their limbs if they were severed. Trandoshans used their sharp claws to climb tall trees in the forest or jungles they naturally inhabited.

They regrow lost arms or legs in 1d6+1 weeks. Gain a +1 bonus to their Strength modifier and when attempting to climb roll 3d6 on the Exert skill check and drop the lowest die.

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