Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Silent Legions: Kushtaka


Kushtaka for Silent Legions

AC: 5
HD: 2
Atks: Bite +2

Dmg: 1d6
Move: 30' / 20' Swimming
Morale: 8
Skill: +3
Special: Disguised

Madness: 1
Save: 12+

Physically, kushtaka are shape-shifters who will imitate the cries of a baby or the screams of a woman to lure victims to the river. Once there, the Kushtaka attempt to kill their victim.

It is also said that the Kushtaka emit a high pitched, three part whistle in the pattern of low-high-low.

Finally, kushtaka hate shamans, witches, and magicians and will go out of their way to destroy them (60% chance to detect within 90 feet).

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