Saturday, January 19, 2019

Savage Worlds: Deadlands Session 1

The first session went well. I had forgotten how fast Savage Worlds was. Our session was a bit abbreviated because one of our player's vehicles appeared to have a bad starter. Sadly, it had to be towed and I hope it get fixed quickly and inexpensively.

The Posse arrived in the town of Coffin Rock, which has seen better days, due to a bounty on Hank "Mayhem" Archer and his gang. The Players were pregens and we had Shady, a huckster; Plays With Fire a Native American brave; Joe Jack Johnson, a gunfighter; Father Sam Johnson (no relation), a blessed; and Princess Doctor Lightning, a weird scientist.

Upon arriving into town they made their way to the Six Feet Under. Shady wanted a poker game and found some miners playing. Plays With Fire started talking to the bartender and big mouthed and prejudice deputy named Duke started running his mouth. After a verbal exchange that he lost, the deputy headed out of the saloon in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Doc Lightning and Joe Jack were snooping around the back in case anyone made a break for it. The Doc found a strange rock that looked like Coffin Rock, which the town was named after.

As this was going on, Father Sam was sitting on the porch of the saloon and got to meet Marshal Thomas Bryce, a bully of a man, whom Duke brought to the Under because he overheard the newcomers were bounty hunters. Things between Father Sam and Tom escalated quickly into a fist fight with deadlier threats being thrown around when the rest of Sam's posse made an appearance and Joe Jack fired his revolver in the air to calm things down.

Marshal Bryce and Duke backed down because the numbers were against them, but plenty of threats were exchanged on both sides.

The group then headed to the library, a building that was abandoned and filled with empty shelves. Boxes of books were laying on the floor unopened and all addressed to a John Daly. The group started sorting through them and Shady came across a copy of the Malleus Malificarum.

As the group was doing this, Doc Lightning used some spare equipment she procured used magnetics to animate the rock she'd found, which immediately started making its way toward the real Coffin Rock that lay outside town. The posse got their horses together and began to follow it. 

However, they noticed two deputies were following them and Doc set a trap that ended up killing a horse and seriously injuring the rider.

Soon, the posse was about half way to the Rock when the Marshal and his healthy deputies came charging at them firing away.

The battle went quick and soon only Deputy Lancaster Quinn was left alive and he put his hands up to surrender.

Thats where we ended the session.

I regret not letting things boil a bit, but the players were inquisitive and I wanted to keep things moving. I forgot how Fast SW can be.

I also had the party aware of the supernatural, and in hindsight, I think that might have been better to reveal more slowly. Oh, well.

I really enjoyed the whole system and felt a bit rusty with it. I know I made some mistakes with damage with the Deputies, but it worked in the player's favor, so it wasn't much of a big deal.

I'm looking forward to next session and as quickly as things are moving, I'm going to need to figure out a longer campaign to trot out.

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