Saturday, January 12, 2019

Changing Course

Tonight the group finished fighting the mezzoloth and some gargoyles and raided its lair. Two of the gargoyles working for it were spared and they found out they were simply working for the mezzoloth, doing renovations to the area. The gargoyles clan was from the level below and a food shortage forced some of the hearty, childless gargoyles to leave the area and fend for themselves. The gargoyles agreed to escort them down a level to their clan and help them find the person they are looking for.

But, I'm going to be taking a break from the Undermountain game for a bit and we are going to try Savage Worlds for at least a few weeks.
I don't have any problem with DnD 5E, but I've been running it for 6 years and I think I just need a break.

I was pleased how understanding and supportive the group was and its really energized me.

Now, I just need to determine what setting to start with. I'm open to Deadlands, Flash Gordon, Space: 1889, Rippers, Last Parsec, Necessary Evil, Savage Rifts, and Lankhmar.

If you have a particular one-shot or short adventure you like, regardless of genre, please share it with me. I only have a week to work this all out.

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