Sunday, December 9, 2018

1,000 Faces: Homer the Talking Pig

Male Pig

Ability Scores:
Str 6      Dex 6      Con 8
Int 12    Wis 12     Cha 16 



Role: Homer is the familiar to a wizard named Ianna Klump. Klump is away on business on another plane and Homer wasn't feeling up to going. However, Klump had been in a relationship with Nigel Bent, who makes and sells drugs. Even though they broke up, Ianna didn't change her wards and Bent was able to sneak in and steal magical ingredients and Homer.

Bent's plan was to sell Homer, but talking pigs aren't easy to move. He finally dumped the pig on a farmer name Egar Brown. However, Homer noticed and commented that Egar was abusive to his wife Piper and daughter, Lora. This led to Homer being muzzled and Egar being willing take nearly anything to rid himself of the pig. Homer convinced Egar that eating him would cause an infection, which angered Egar further.

Homer can easily join the party after they stay the night in the Brown's barn seeking shelter from a storm.  Egar insists on trading nearly anything for the pig to be rid of him.

Homer is versed in history, local politics, and gossip (Ianna is a notorious gossip). Returning Ianna to him would make her both a capable contact and potent ally. Keeping Homer would essentially give the party a sage.

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