Sunday, April 22, 2018

Domains of Dread: Gaining Corruption Part 2

In ADnD 2E's Domains of Dread, there are thirteen steps to corruption and various changes to a character along that path.

I've decided to convert the Moderate Changes tables from page 165.

Moderate Changes Table (Roll a d6)
1. You grow claws that inflict 1d4 slashing damage. However, they inflict disadvantage on any Dexterity ability check requiring fine work of any kind.

2. You grow fangs like a viper that inflict 1d4 poison damage. However, your tongue becomes forked, you speak with a hissing lisp, and your Charisma is reduced by -2.

3. Your eyes have adapted so well to darkness that you have darkvision out to 150 feet and they look like a cat's. However, your Charisma is reduced by -1.

4. You are permanently under the effects of the spider climb spell. However, the palms of your hands are covered with small suckers, like those of an octupus and your Charisma is reduced by -1.

5. Your saliva becomes highly acidic (1d4 acid damage, range 15/30 feet). However, anything inanimate you place in your mouth (cups, spoons, etc.) dissolves in 1 round.

6. Your face becomes distorted and grotesque which reduces your Charisma by 1/2. However, anyone within 30 feet who can see your eyes must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you. Anyone attempting to avert their eyes from you has disadvantage on all attack rolls against you.

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