Monday, September 4, 2017

Starfinder: Part 1

As a fan of Dreadstar and FFG's Dragon Star, I picked up Paizo's Starfinder RPG.

While Pathfinder is not my game of choice, I admire what Paizo has done with it and the direction it has taken. I've never been a min/maxer so the sheer number of options within Pathfinder are a bit overwhelming to me as a player. Those options and the Pathfinder rules themselves are doubly overwhelming to me as a Game Master.

Diving into Starfinder was not an easy decision for the above reasons.

The book is gorgeous, as beautiful as any product Paizo has produced. However, at 45, these eyes aren't sure how I feel about a 500 page book with something along the lines of an 8 point type font. The page count alone is intimidating to me.

I like the rule change where Hit Points are a flat number (as I did when I first encountered it in FantasyCraft), but I'm uncertain about adding Stamina Points. I'm guessing this is to allow a broader range of weapon damage, but I'm not sure why a laster gun has to be more deadly than a sword?

I'm still making my way through it and I'll post more thoughts as I continue.

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