Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oakhurst: The Contractor's Guild

The Contractor's Guild is the only authorized and legally operating assassination guild in the Kingdom of Qent. The Guild operates out of the city of Zobek, along the eastern bank of the Essex River.

The Guild received it's charter from King Urth XI after successfully eliminating the Ianna of Tarn, also known as the Usurper and who some sages claim was Urth's older sister.

For the last 200 years they have followed their charter's guidelines and even opened a charter house in Jarlsburg to the north, Lem to the west, and Freeport in the south.

The current Guild Master is Yuanna Shadowspear, the great, great grandaughter of Kelven Shadowspear, who assassinated Ianna the Usurper.

The Guild also enjoys certain tax benefits within the Kingdom due to their status as a church of Zehir. The high priest of the Guild, known as the High Shroud is Cedric of Lem, also known as Crowspeaker. He holds nearly as much power as Yuanna and there is a growing antagonism between the two.

Membership within the Guild does not require members to worship Zehir, but a growing number of recruits are being converted, which is shifting more power toward Crowspeaker.

Yuanna has no use for gods or zealots and is secretly seeking ways to split from the church, even though it will be mean a substantial increase on taxes from the Kingdom.

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