Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sunless Citadel: A Royal Problem

As the heroes return from their adventures from within the Sunless Citadel more challenges await them.

Prince Miles [2nd Level Human Bard with the Noble background], the eleventh child of Lograd's King Adorn, has come to Oakhurst to celebrate the Midsummer Apple Festival (though the heroes in my game have not yet revealed they destroyed the tree and it's fruit). The Prince's presence has made Garon, owner of the Ol' Boar Inn, very nervous, as he has won the auction for the Apple for the last five years and he hates to lose (rumor has it that he's looking to pay 10 gp for anyone willing to distract the Prince "come auction time"). Additionally, Constable Felosial is concerned about the Prince's reputation for reckless behavior, a short fuse, and rumors suggesting a vicious attitude toward women (Felosial has plenty going on with the Festival and could use an extra hand keeping the Prince "safe"). Finally, Mayor Vurnor Leng, is excited at the Prince's presence and is constantly trying to garner his attention in hopes of negotiating a trade deal with Lograd. Oakhurst has several master carpenters and a growing reputation for the silk it produces and Leng is certain he can negotiate a deal (Leng is looking for freelancers willing to distract the Prince's Royal Guards: Rhinehold and Ivedra [Both are 2nd Level Human Fighters with the soldier backgrounds]).

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