Saturday, May 6, 2017

Queen of Chaos: Sapper [UPDATED]

Scattered throughout the multiverse are zealots dedicated to the worship of the malignant Queen of Chaos. Their dark dedication driving them to sew chaos and warp the world in which they live. They practice obscene rites, inviting things from outside their world to wreak havoc and invoke terror. Some amongst these chaotic crusaders have gained a greater understanding of the thresholds between worlds and have practiced their foul invocations to the point that they can permanently weaken the barriers of their world in certain locales. Amongst scholars and arcanists they are often referred to as Sappers, as they sabotage the walls between worlds.

Sappers are feared amongst the learned and wise as their only mission is to empower Chaos by destroying the Laws that protect one world from another. Too often the inhabitants of one world are ill prepared to face the threats from a different one and once a Sapper has begun destroying the threshold in one area, their work seems to accelerate in a different one. Many sages believe them to be a pandemic that can doom a world in a few short years.

Sappers are Mages/9th Level Magic-Users and any creatures they conjure/summon have an additional 20% Hit Points and a +2 to damage.

Additionally, the area within 120 feet of a Sapper is considered a Wild Magic Zone. When any creature besides the Sapper casts a spell roll a d20, on a 13 or higher a Wild Surge occurs. Feel free to use the Wild Surge table in ADnD's Tome Of Magic, the 5th Edition Player's Handbook, or check out this page.

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