Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ultramodern5: Red Falcon

In 1987, an extraterrestrial vessel crash-landed in Nicaragua with only three survivors, Jagger Froid, Gomera Mosking, and Java. The beings, all shape shifters, were able to blend in and extensively reconnoiter the region for two years, due to the backdrop of the Contras revolution agains the Sandinistas.
   Additionally, Mosking made contacts within the United States' C.I.A., which led to several exchanges with the U.S.'s Military-Industrial Complex, where the survivors offered advances weapon technology in exchange for various clearances, visas, and funding.

   By 1992, the three beings had fully created the Red Falcon terrorist organization and had recruited over 500 members from mercenary units and anti-government militias all over the world.
   Red Falcon focused on various brushfire wars and managed to stay off the radar for most of the 90's due to having operatives within the United Nations, several of whom sat on the Permanent Security Council.

   Their overall goal, as a terrorists organization, could not be deciphered by those who did notice them. This is because Froid, the de facto leader, was manipulating events to create a dark future, dominated by a worldwide fascist government. Their attacks were targeted at key historical moments that were calculated to best resolver their goal. The trio were not merely extraterrestrials, they had failed to conquer the world of 2633 and resolved to head 700 years back in time to change history. However, as the only surivors of the original invasion, the crash had rendered they technological superiority useless and they now required the funding, army, and development of the weapons they would require. 
   By 1999, they had taken a portion of their operations public, with the creation of Crimson Lake, a leading private security firm funded by numerous international contracts. In fact, it was common for individuals on both sides of a conflict to employ their teams.

   In 2015, Red Falcon, having the full means and technology it required, entered Stage 2 of their plan. They orchestrated major attacks throughout the year in Paris, Berlin, Rome, and the United States. Froid, introduced the world fully to his organization and his new identity as the Falconer. Reports by the media of "dragons" being present at the attacks have been debunked. The goal of each attack was to facilitate movements by each country toward policies and candidates for leadership focused upon Nationalism. While several more attacks have occurred in 2016 and early 2017, their plan seems to be working and their placement of agents within the intelligence community is actively keeping them from being discovered.

Red Falcon is a powerful, dangerous, and methodical operation. Their goal is a worldwide oligarchy with the three of them running the show.

   Jagger Froid is a calm and methodical being, with restraint and a view of the "long game". Both Java and Mosking actually fear their leader, but trust Jagger to achieve their goals. Froid was the third-in-command of the original invasion and is a veteran of several other interstellar wars. He has cultivated the identity of Jefferson Culpepper, an African-American engineer and entrepreneur who has made a majority of his funds through solar technology and independent space travel through his company, Gambit, Inc.

   Gomera Mosking is a brilliant programmer, software engineer and expert on artificial intelligence who has created the identity of Kara Wong, the high-profile CTO of New Edison, Inc. She came to the public eye as a supermodel who married Clayton Bean, a member of the New Edison's board. She arose to CTO after Red Falcon targeted a New Edison board meeting in Berlin in 2015. She was able to use her public sympathy and charisma to earn the position.

  Java is a tactical genius, who loves a good fight. He spends most of his time training RF agents and directly coordinating it's logistics. While he has cultivated several identities, he prefers to remain behind the scenes and usually wears the shape of a caucasian male. In combat, he has a penchant for shapeshifting into various alien shapes, explaining the rumors of "dragons" at the attacks in France and Italy. 


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