Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Old World: Skaven Plague Monk for 13th Age

The Plague Monks of Clan Pestilen are fanatical zealots who are utterly dedicated to the spreading of corruption and decay in the name of their Clan and that of the Horned Rat. The Monks are readily recognized by their signature apparels, such as ooze-dripping robes, soiled shrouds, bony growths and fluid-filled blisters are but one of many ways to distinguish their kind from all other Skaven. It is easy to discount their abilities, given their sicknesses, yet it seems that they find solace in their constant pain. To all reasonable creatures, and to an extent, even other Skaven, the Plague Monks are a horror to all the senses.


3rd level [HUMANOID] 
Initiative: +2

Spread Corruption +8 vs. PD (1d3 Nearby Enemies) -10 damage
        Natural Odd Roll: 4 ongoing damage 

Oozing Attack +18 vs. PD  - 10 damage
        Miss: 3 damage

       Natural Roll of 16+: Target must succeed on an easy save or
                                         becomes vulnerable.

Nastier Specials
Vomit Illness +8 vs. PD - Target is weakened.

        Natural Odd Roll: 5 ongoing damage 

AC 19

PD  17               HP 45

MD 13

Fear Threshold: 18

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