Friday, March 11, 2016

M.A.S.K.: Matt Tracker for the Cypher System


Motive: Protect the world from terrorists.
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 5
Armor: 2
Movement: Short or Long (in Thunderhawk)
Modifications: Leadership 6, Mind defense 6, Tactics 6
Combat: Matt relies on his mask, Spectrum and Thunderhawk, his flying camaro.
Spectrum: The mask Matt wears allows him to view the entire electromagnet spectrum, fire lasers, and to glide with an electromagnetic sheath.  Spectrum inflicts 5 damage and grants an asset on perception based checks.
Thunderhawk: It has 20 Health and Armor 3. It can move a Long
range in either mode.
   Wing Cannons: Inflicts 4 points of damage within Short
   Stun Bomb: Inflicts 6 points of damage to all targets within
   Immediate range of detonation.
Use: Matt is a brilliant inventor and engineer and a natural leader.
Loot: A defeated Matt Tracker has Spectrum and Thunderhawk.

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