Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Their First Dungeon

So this past friday, I introduced five new players to DnD.

It went well, and I occasionally forget how exciting it is to experience DnD from a fresh set of eyes.

I ended up choosing a dungeon from onepagedungeon.info, the Titan's Burden, and it has worked well.

The adventure is loosely based in the Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms, south of the High Dale and west of the Vast Bog and north of the Sembian border.

Derbydale (a creation of my own) has heard that the nearby settlement of Hacksford was sacked by gnolls several nights ago, just after a strange, 800 foot tall "titan" appeared several miles away.

A sage, Devero Hollingswood has hired the PC's to explore the "titan" offering to give them 60% of the haul and the bounty for the gnolls (as he believes they are connected to the "titan").

They fought a blind basilisk, freed some wildlings.  Refused to enter a section of the dungeon they believe is haunted (wails and ectoplasm).  And encountered and defeated a mysterious sorceress who apparently had created one "mist golem" and was working on a second.

But, they only finished half the dungeon, so friday we continue.

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