Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hard Times in Jarlsburg: Pawns to Knights in One (Winter)

The Hard Times is Jarlsburg's premier source of news (not necessarily truth) and routinely outsells it's competitor, The Cryer.



The last several weeks have been uncharacteristically quiet in the City of Thunder.

As we've previously reported, crime is down close to 30%, nearly 12% of the city's populace has emigrated from our fair city (see crime being down to see whose left first), and winter has struck a long and somber attack at our city (with many rumblings that its the Blizzard King's opening salvo of invasion!)

However, amidst the chaos of the few months, the Prime Minister's new Special Task Force on Cult Activity has stalwartly been the first, last, and perhaps only line of defense from the downright creepiness that has plagued our beloved Jarlsburg.

Wether its smashing demoniac cultists, rescuing wayward nobility, or being a voice of reason and strategy amongst the city's elite, the STFCA has not left us, from our lowliest hobo to our most potent nobility, wanting for champions.

Word has come to me that not only are the Council's current battle plans the brainchild of the STFCA, but that the Task Force will be leading our forces against the dreaded Blizzard King, himself!

Rumors are circulating that key members of the STFCA have personally devised a plan involving a "super weapon" which is sure to end this war before it begins.

We can only pray, to the Old Gods or to the New, that the rumors are true.

More as the story develops.

Pathos Gibraltar, Council Reporter
Evening Edition on the 22nd Day of Jary in the Second Hundred and Twenty Second Year of Thronehold

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