Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hard Times In Jarlsburg: Fall of the House of Dwyer?

The Hard Times is Jarlsburg's premier source of news (not necessarily truth) and routinely outsells it's competitor, The Cryer.



Just as House of Dwyer reals from yet more scandal due to the Bruth's eldest son, Kieron, this reporter is investigating reports that an unknown assailant has somehow entered into the Dwyer Suite at the Imperial Hotel and that both Kireon and his uncle Darius have been murdered!

An anonymous source has confirmed that Bruth was so angry over his son's over the involvement in the death of Tibido Hammerstone, Ambassador to Iron Hall, that he had his youngest brother Darius and a crack security team to keep round the clock watch on the Dwyer heir.

Word has come to me that at least two members of the Prime Minister's new Special Task Force on Cult Activity interviewed Kireon either prior to or during the assailant's attack.

While, the security detail were not injured, I am following up reports that one of their number had to be escorted out due to "something unnatural, something not right, something out of a nightmare", according to Yuber Yatos on staff with the Imperial Hotel.

No members of the Task Force could be reached for comment and House Dwyer is not being even remotely cooperative.

More as the story develops.

Pathos Gibraltar, Council Reporter
Evening Edition on the 1st Day of Jary in the Second Hundred and Twenty Second Year of Thronehold

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